Jon Berenson

  1. Sitting in the Circle Cover

    Sitting in the Circle

    Sacred Observations from the Heart and Other Internal Organs

    These 37 essays are rooted in the inspiration I experience in working with my patients and with participants at the Opening the Heart Workshop. Though they are all very different in tone and content, they are all about love in the small places, off center stage. They may have been about lifting a hosta leaf and findinding a spider's web in diamonds of morning dew, or about watching new grass grow, holding a weeping patient in my office, watching a man outside my office drag his leg behind as he carries groceries home. They are all, I think, small love stories.

  2. The Serenity Garden

    I am coming to the awareness that building a serenity garden is different from learning how to live in it.

    The Serenity Garden
  3. My Old Friend

    On honoring a dear friend and on learning how to age with grace.

    My Old Friend
  4. Visits from Uncle Charlie

    I have an ongoing struggle with technology and my resulting brave struggle to march into the 21st century.

    Visits from Uncle Charlie
  5. Life Is Short, and so Am I

    Aging, possibility of having cancer, and becoming a grandfather for the first time are all good ways to bring things into sharp perspective.

    "There are 50 ways to leave your lover"... - Paul Simon

    Life Is Short, and so Am I
  6. Wounds

    I believe that, if somehow we could see beneath the outer presentation to the inner wounds, we would experience nothing but compassion.